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quad-core tablet - M7

After both the M6 platinum product , and then launch a retina screen, quad-core tablet - M7pro. PiPO M7pro powerful configuration , which attracted attention of many users : Samsung PLS screen , 1920x1200 resolution, support GPS function, the most powerful quad-core master ...... every one of consumers demanding M7pro are available. Such a near-perfect mobile device , the listed price will be how much ? The first to get M7pro official price , M7pro ordinary WiFi version of the official price of 1,199 yuan , China Unicom 3G version at $ 1399 . Parties from PiPO M7pro configuration opinion, totally worth the grade platinum pricing . This product is excellent quality in domestic flat in chasing. M7pro used with the Kindle fire HD 8.9 is entirely consistent PLS Samsung 8.9 -inch screen . PLS screen, Samsung 's proprietary blend of some of the techniques , the screen shows stronger contrast LCD faster response , while lower power consumption . M7pro screen resolution of 1920x1200, PPI to 254 , text, images display more delicate , the screen better color reproduction . As we all know , the domestic market on a 16:10 widescreen flat , the PIPO M7 choices are not many. Especially in full view of flat products , is basically not a 7-inch 10.1-inch . And M7pro to appear in this 8.9-inch tablet arena , rich tablet size selection . Taking into account the fashion and portable , M7pro ultra-narrow border , greatly reducing the body weight, compared with the same 8.9 -inch tablet M7pro more compact . M7pro domestic flat-panel configuration is the most comprehensive . Using the new Android 4.2.2 system and equipped PiPO exclusive custom UI; support 5MP AF camera with a flash ; design and support for front camera automatically adjusts screen brightness ; supports HDMI output, OTG extensions ; built-in gyro instrument, the compass ; support for gravity sensing ; support TF card expansion ...... in addition to these , M7pro also have to look forward to GPS function, built-in GPS, can be easily achieved navigation, positioning , combined with the network function, in the micro- letters and other APP software , there will be more multi-application
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