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     Philips HTL2160 tablet is a theater audio products for home use , ultra-thin shape with 80 cm shape, conveniently placed on the use of the LCD TV . Cabinet also equipped with a subwoofer in the user use, bring more bass . Provides a mainstream Bluetooth wireless connection , the effective distance of 10 meters , to get rid of the shackles of cable and worries , and enjoy easy wireless music theater sound quality Philips HTL2160 tablet also has a good performance , with a rated power of 60W 5.25 -inch woofer and the sound units , the overall sound quality is good, can satisfy the users home use . Wall-mounted design , the user is also more convenient, without using stents. Can be placed directly on top of the TV . SoundBar is a classic design products . Box provides a USB device and play , can play MP3 and WMA music files. In practical terms more comprehensive. To borrow a portable DVD player screen as a multimedia display device. The whole system is the most critical core technology is homemade light detector and demodulator . These two bears little device information can be received and decrypted convert light into digital video signals to restore the DVD player's Portable DVD Player display simultaneously play out .

CHEN Chang Ying introduced the principle of the study is to semiconductor lighting technology and optical communication technology, using the white LED features a high speed switch , the information modulated onto the LED lights on the realization of " a light where you can download the information ." .

Original , light and radio waves used , all belong to an electromagnetic wave , communication network signal is the same basic principle . To ordinary LED bulbs installed driver chips , you can control it millions of times per second, flashing lights indicating a , off represents 0 . Since the frequency is too fast, the human eye can not perceive , light sensors , but can receive these changes. In this way, the data is binary encoded into light signals quickly and carried out effectively transmitted. Lighting of the computer, through a special receiver , you can receive the light where additional information.
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