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YEAHPAD PILLBOX7 A13 Tablet PC 7 inch Android 4.0

On the desktop PC world , YEAHPAD every product always heralds industry trends , in 1993 heralded a listing of the iMac computer one day is the trend , the 2007 iMac G5 line advocated by wireless applications until 3 years ago only manufacturers to follow YEAHPAD PILLBOX7 suit. Although the application of innovation and avant-garde technology to make products new high price, but we are on a range of products from YEAHPADMac can always smell the change in the industry in the coming years . Some people say that one of the computer desktop is the future trend of the desktop , it was also said that the traditional large desktop PC will not disappear until the legendary " quantum computer " appears, but all assumptions are YEAHPADMac Pro before the appearance of this Ci is YEAHPAD weight gives the prototype of the future desktop computers . They redefine the future of the desktop supercomputer . As always YEAHPAD Like new , meet new Mac Pro debut is still the scene of wonder and joy, the new design gives the user maximum performance is not a shock , but the design was superb , YEAHPAD your way to tell the user that the original next-generation supercomputer on your desktop is like this . When to date, there are rumors that this news was in June announced a new Mac Pro will be in September YEAHPAD PILLBOX7 A13 Tablet PC 7 inch Android 4.0 general public sale . Although this is a rumor , but in the industry and YEAHPAD users has caused no small waves. Here we will look at YEAHPADMac Pro -depth analysis of the design, perhaps from its body, we can see the future development direction of the desktop PC .
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