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      5700 Toyota Middle East Road, Chak cool interior space is very adequate, not overly complicated console control buttons , but in the simple condensation between off-road vehicle assembly in which all the functions of driving pleasure. Mahogany interior with leather seats with the entire interior more elegant ; multifunction steering wheel mahogany convenient manipulation of the driver ; vehicle interior also has many 60th anniversary logo with ; headrest DVD, AM / FM / SW, 6DVD changer , AUX & 14 speakers and other entertainment features allow occupants in long-distance travel is no longer boring . As we all know , car DVD navigation products from an initial single -car CD evolved , standard features as : CD and radio. As people's living standards improve both requirements are also increasing , and now has more than just a car DVD can play video audio products but also adds navigation, Bluetooth phone , 3G Internet access and other functions. But with the increase in vehicles on the road emerging security issues , in order to meet increasing consumer awareness of security needs , eternally developed this new safety car DVD navigation, committed to making the user's car has five-star safety performance, while it as owners of the most attentive butler , nuanced in road traffic RBI everything for you , to ensure safe and secure driving .

Car Audio Navigation safety information product line , eternally been preparing a long time, will be officially unveiled today its mysterious veil , a glimpse of the nation's largest electronics manufacturers new safety car DVD navigation products.

The appearance on the car DVD , car DVD navigation products are familiar with the owners know that no matter what car DVD navigation products from a company, its products are undifferentiated appearance . The only difference is that each car DVD navigation UI interface . Small businesses in general rough UI interface design , easy to maneuver , and Dazhi UI interface design by the famous surgeon , simple and very user-friendly design , in order to give the owners to bring a new experience.
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