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     In modern society, mobile phones have become a very important tool for networked control . Phone is able to remote control air conditioning , and even remote control all home appliances, is no longer a fantasy. For example, the U.S. air conditioning in October launched a "mobile remote control ", using infrared , dual-mode network is controlled air conditioning. This is actually an App application , as long as the user's smart phone is equipped with infrared module, you can download and install their own to use the designated website . Phone act as a remote control with voice control function can also be timely adjusted the temperature and humidity of the room air conditioning users may have this experience is that many air conditioning remote control is basically incompatible . If the family living room are buying a different remote control , it would need to use a different remotes to control . Phone  controlled air conditioning, air conditioning remote control solution is not compatible , you can not interact with control problems , will fully replace the traditional remote control. Philips said remote control which will be used as an OEM or MSO equipment , which means that it may be licensed to other manufacturers labeling use the remote control called Surf ( surf ) , Philips said it would change the entire remote control market. It including touch navigation , gaming somatosensory and voice control functions , it mainly for the smart TV market. use gestures to direct air conditioning. currently the most popular is the home appliances somatosensory operation , gesture control is one of a very popular way, in the smart TV gesture control which also controls TV as well as the importance of somatosensory game play . Today in air conditioning , Haier air conditioning on the design of Timor bottles gesture control feature through the " hands , fist , left, waving , waving right " and a series of simple gestures can achieve Timor bottle conditioning switch, speed adjustment , mode conversion , the temperature adjustment and other operations.
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