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     “For providers looking for highly effective infra-red illumination design with its own inner automobiles, the WAL-LED3W-4S-IR is an perfect solution,” said Rob Bresnahan with .  ”We see this as an wide range energy managed infra-red scenery light for providers with evening viewpoint gadgets.  With long runtimes, easy installation and one key operate, the WAL-LED3W-4S-IR is very easy to set up in the black.”
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   Providers can choose to individually energy one or both places to offer either 55 buisness time with only one set, or 27 buisness time with both. The infra-red LED emitters on this light framework produce light that can only be considered with evening viewpoint gadgets, providing an effective source of reliable illumination design for army, security and police officers features where secret features are conducted.  This system also features the ability to be billed from a conventional 120 VAC walls connect, or from automobiles and gadgets with 12 voltage electric techniques. 
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