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    With 11.11 " singles " lonely little sad, double eleven sales boom and the atmosphere was reversed, a lot of surprises . Loved by the players of the Tablet PC brand products platinum, will open in the double eleven promotional activities M7pro screen with 8.9 size of this size in the current tablet PC market is not much , but it has distinctive features . The screen is very special PLS Samsung 8.9 -inch screen , a 16:10 screen ratio , suitable for video , Internet and other entertainment experience. 8.9 inch personality dimensions , combined M7pro ultra-narrow frame , slim design , taking into account the large-screen display with a portable tablet computer performance. Like personality, likes unique , like China but real , M7pro is the most suitable for you that money . M7pro screen full HD (FHD) resolution of 1920 × 1200. Screen pixel density up to 254ppi, almost equal to the retina (retina) display accuracy. Such a high resolution, making our eyes almost imperceptible pixel particles point, displays fine , sharpness is much more superior than the ordinary flat , sharper text , images, richer detail , more vivid picture of the game currently on the market have M7pro the best tablet screen display . Samsung PLS screen technology with IPS technology also has excellent display characteristics, while incorporating the latest technology developed by Samsung Electronics , the screen display is better than the other 8.9 -inch IPS screen even better ! In the realization of the screen 400 nits high brightness while , the screen contrast ratio up to 900:1 ( compared with other 8.9 -inch IPS screen 800:1 ) , the screen response speed Geng Shibi other 8.9 -inch IPS screen more than 1 times faster response time only is 16ms ( compared to other 8.9 -inch IPS screen 32ms). In addition , PiPO M7pro built-in GPS global positioning module , by accepting the satellite signal in the global real-time positioning, navigation , positioning accuracy compared to the network positioning greatly improved. Built-in GPS M7pro, there really is essential car navigation . M7pro on the car , the larger screen size makes the screen more clearly when driving , use it to navigate out do not worry about getting lost. GPS functionality but also in micro-letters , QQ, microblogging , street street applications software for positioning friends, positioning interactive , flat compared to not have this feature , M7pro more entertainment . Dependence of the plate , the more the more functional requirements . The same processor , the product of platinum with a more complete functionality. M7pro set GPS, gyroscope, electronic compass , 3G, Bluetooth , OTG, HDMI, and front and rear dual cameras ( front 2000000 , rear 5-megapixel AF camera ) and other functions into one. Is currently the most comprehensive series RK3188 tablet world. Has a gyroscope function M7pro in speed racing game, game control higher sensitivity ; support 3.5G network M7pro upload and download speed, anytime, anywhere you stay on the line ; 5 megapixel AF camera to record your life with , as add color to your plate life .
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