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     The first showed off the most high-end smart phones in February this year , Huawei's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Mobile World Congress) declared on custom T-Mobile Android phone, then HTC (HTC) Android phone only G1 and G2 two . In early October, dubbed T-Mobile Pulse of customized mobile phones in Europe , listed as the world's Di Wukuan Andorid phone , Pulse listed only three weeks sales exceeded 10,000 units mark, Huawei has successfully established itself as the first Android phone camp.
Tao Jingwen said, " In addition to custom T-Mobile Android phone, Huawei customized for China Mobile OPhone phone will be in the first quarter of next year , Huawei Vodafone also customize a variety of new 3G mobile phones and converged devices , in fact, Huawei end products has always insisted on operators to customize the main , it is our long-term strategy has always been .
Huawei's 2008 contract sales of approximately $ 23.3 billion , " this being the terminal portion of the sales of more than 4 billion U.S. dollars , from now on , this year we are also expected to achieve good growth," Tao Jingwen expressed . "In China 's TD-SCDMA mobile phone market this year, we have introduced two TD mobile phones, and soon we will release a new thousand Yuan TD mobile phones 2211 mobile phone in China TD thousand phone's internal evaluation very good response , according to plan , next year in addition to high-end smartphones Huawei and economy thousand Yuan phones , there will be support for higher speed HSPA network models in the domestic OPhone is our current focus . " Tao Jingwen added. Huawei in the entire wireless strategy, including the terminal with the platform , we use the platform strategy I have just talked about , it is very important. Huawei also has quite the TD deep technical accumulation. First of all I would like to say , in the whole construction of China Mobile 's TD network, Huawei has over 37 % market share.
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