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PIPO S1Pro Quad Core RK3188 Tablet PC 7 Inch Android 4.2

Do not know if you still remember cutting-edge tablet factory -made goods before the introduction of ultra low-cost platinum dual-core tablet S1, S1 was caught with a lot of low-priced high with consumers. Recently, the product of platinum has introduced an upgrade S1 - S1pro, cheap quad-core IPS screen , we can once again win the recognition it ? As an upgraded version of S1 , S1pro with a performance more powerful RK3188 quad-core processor , but also upgraded the PIPO S1Pro screen resolution to 1024 * 600 IPS screen , clear display and wide viewing angle . Just a few years ago , a lot of high-end phones tend to have a pair of stereo speakers excellent results as a selling point , although the cost of hardware is in stereo speakers, and will not increase the total cost of a cell phone too , but in the product design the difficulty and playback speaking , you still have to be much different for a single speaker phone . In today's smart phones , such as computer memory, processors generally pay attention to the times , the phone's speaker increasingly taken seriously , it does not seem a good sign . But fortunately there are some still focus on music playback brand for its products equipped with stereo speakers , and today we 'll look at these products together Competition . Generally, the product is equipped with stereo speakers , never anything low-end positioning of the goods , either before or now feature phones smart phones , all true. The competition 's four products were new HTC One,PIPO S1Pro Quad Core RK3188 Tablet PC 7 Inch Android 4.2 nubia Z5, vivo Xplay and Nokia Lumia 920, includes international brands, domestic brands , Android, WindowsPhone, dual-core and quad-core , etc., can be said relatively wide coverage . The only correlation between them , I am afraid that is all equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor and stereo speakers , right ?
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