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    Before the official release in Yoga Tablet , Lenovo Tablet PC business in fact has a certain size, and the realization of small profits.
Tablet PC currently on the market , Apple iPad firmly in control of the high-end market , while in Shenzhen manufacturers Android Tablet PC represented white card vendors control the low-cost market .

For Samsung, Lenovo, Asus , Acer and other manufacturers, their products are the most practical and appropriate market is the middle and the lower side of the area below. After all, in competition with the cottage manufacturers , Lenovo and other manufacturers of the brand becomes higher than a length .

A few years ago , consumers may also choose flat price as the primary consideration, but for now, the quality and experience is something consumers are most concerned about . Over the past year , Lenovo Tablet PC shipments of approximately 1,000,000 units , but in the second quarter of this year , Lenovo Group 's single-season shipments reached 100 million units. Just past the third quarter, shipments have exceeded 200 million units. Lenovo's entire fiscal year is expected to total shipments will reach 10 million units.

With a wide range of channels , Lenovo is not difficult to accomplish this goal . But an indisputable reality is that in these shipments tablet computers, most of which will be affordable Android tablet . Lenovo , this is not a particularly good thing, because excessive dumping cheap Lenovo tablet will be pulled down the overall brand .

In the high-end brand market weakness, in fact, the biggest dilemma is Lenovo . Not only in the PC area, in the tablet and smart phone market , Lenovo in the face of such a bottleneck.

For example a PC brand . In the U.S. PC market, the same product configuration, the Lenovo brand arrived, but Hewlett-Packard , Dell, Best Buy before entering the store so when tens of dollars cheaper than the others . Brand brings premium , Lenovo is difficult to get .

Misfortune of the association, of course, do not want to repeat in the tablet PC field in the past. Therefore , the introduction of a flat with quality products to enhance the brand , it is very urgent. In Yoga Tablet tablet released the same day, Sina digital conducted a review of this product , the overall view is : the appearance of innovation , configure enough, in the low-end market is very competitive. Such an evaluation for a Chinese Android tablet manufacturers have been quite high. At least , a lot of people think that one can think of to make a show for the product.
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