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     Listed, the market for tablet placed high expectations. However, the year 2012 , Tablet PC shipments only 100 million units, the figure in more than one million units shipped in front of almost negligible . Tablet will go from ?

2013 , increase in the flat areas of strength and innovation speed inputs . The first half of this year , Tablet PC shipments reached more than 300 million units, while the third quarter shipments reached 300 million units. The industry believes that the new tablet computer YEAHPAD PILLBOX7  introduced to the lack of star -level products Tablet PC make up the short board .

"YEAHPAD tablet can and go than any of our competitors this year we started on a tablet turnaround ! " Group Senior Vice President, Business Group President Liu told reporters the South .

Also clearly YEAHPAD tablet placed high expectations. "YEAHPAD tablet is the most important product launches this year , it is responsible for two roles , one is the product breakthrough, a breakthrough brand image according to the current sales situation , especially Yoga tablet launch, tablet PC shipments this year will be able to more than 10 million units, thus exceeding Asus, into third in the world . "ID C latest data show that Apple iPad shipments in the third quarter of 14.1 million , an increase of only 0.6% ; Samsung 's shipments amounted to 970 ten thousand , an increase of 123% ; ranked third Asus shipped 3.5 million , an increase of 53.9% , the market share of 7.4% ; fastest growing vendor in the quarter is ranked fourth , and its tablet PC shipments of 2.3 million , the market share increased from 1.1% to 4.8% .

Yang said, " 2013/ 14 the first two quarters of fiscal year ( fiscal year from April 1 start ) sold a total of more than 54 million devices , which involves PC, smart phones, tablet PCs and smart TVs and other end products , our entire fiscal year will exceed 100 million units. next, the full force through the tablet PC + terminal market . "
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